Getting Around San Antonio

Those coming into San Antonio from far distances will likely find that the most convenient option would be to fly through San Antonio International Airport. The airport is the busiest in the city and one of the busiest in the State of Texas. The airport serves around 8 million passengers annually. There are a total of 21 different airlines that fly to over 40 different destinations, of which 6 are located in Mexico. The destinations that provide the most direct traffic include Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, and Chicago. Buses are run daily to connect people from the airport into the San Antonio central business district.

Another option for getting to San Antonio from further distances would be to take the Amtrak train service. The city is located along the Texas Eagle train line, which provides direct services to various locations across Texas, as well as other major cities across the country including Chicago on a daily basis. The Sunset Limited train line provides service directly to both Los Angelese and Orlando, but service only occurs three times per week.

Those that are coming from further distances could also utilize one of the national bus service companies. Both Greyhound and Megabus run daily buses in and out of San Antonio. People could use these buses to connect to any other major city across the United States.

For those that are looking to drive, San Antonio is conveniently located near both Interstate-10 and Interstate-35. The city is within a reasonable drive of several large cities across Texas including Austin, which is just a 80 mile drive away via I-35, Houston, which is just a 200 mile drive away via I-10, and Corpus Christi, which is just a 100 mile drive via I-37. The city is also just 175 miles from Nuevo Laredo, which is located just south of the Mexican border.

Once inside the city, there are a number of different transportation options. The city operates a fairly large public transportation system called the VIA Metropolitan Transit system. The city's transit system is a 91-route bus system, which connects people from all over the city and the surrounding areas. The bus system has a fleet of over 540 buses and nearly 7,000 different stops. The 91 routes also include 3 streetcar routes, which run in the more densely populated downtown neighborhoods.